Free Webinar – What Do Sharks Have to do with Cosmetics?

Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm EDT
Fee:  FREE for everyone!

Join Industry Experts and Influencers as we Explore the Issue of Shark Squalene in Personal Care Products

The Issue

Squalene (or squalane) is a commonly used moisturizing ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products, and it comes from shark liver oil. Many of the shark species targeted for the shark oil and squalene market are highly endangered or threatened – BUT plant-derived squalene is readily available!

Why should you care?

Our research shows that 80% of your customers are willing to switch to shark free products – products that don’t contain shark! And, simply put – it’s not good policy to engage in the trade of endangered species.

Find out more at this informative and entertaining webinar!

  • Learn about sharks and the science behind this popular ingredient
  • Obtain guidance on how to engage with your ingredient suppliers to ensure your squalene is plant-derived
  • Hear marketing experts discuss claims and product differentiation
  • See how easy it is to sign on to the Shark Free Initiative

Please join us on April 13. Speaker panel and other details to come.

The Shark Free initiative works to protect sharks by advocating for the removal of shark ingredients from consumer products. Sharks are among the most endangered and threatened species on the planet today.

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