New Substance Notifications (NSNs) under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)

Date: Monday, December 11, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Fee: Members: $250; Non-Members: $395

    • Regulatory affairs professionals / coordinators 
    • Manufacturers and importers of chemical substances and products+ 
    • Raw materials suppliers to the industry 
    • Research & development professionals and formulators 
    • Formulation assessors for Canada-destined substances and products 

If you are not one of the above, forward to those in your organization who are! 


  • Understand your responsibilities under CEPA for cosmetic, drug and natural health product ingredients 
  • Learn what information is required and how to report using the NSN form 
  • Learn the nomenclature naming rules and how to keep your information confidential 
  • Understand the notification process, how ingredients are assessed and the possible outcomes 
  • Learn the latest for NSNs 
The session includes exercises, a quiz and a Q&A session.
Training Certificates are issued for your records to each individual successfully completing the quiz.
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About the Trainers

Michele Richardson, B.Sc., MBA

Regulatory Affairs, Environmental

Ms. Richardson received a BSc (Honours) in Biomedical Toxicology and an MBA.
As a regulatory affairs consultant for the past 15 years specializing in chemical and organism regulatory compliance under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), Michele focuses on providing regulatory support to the chemical, polymer, cosmetic, biologic and pharmaceutical sectors.
Ms. Richardson has written articles and regulatory updates for numerous groups and publications including NOC and a chapter on New Substances Notification in the RAPS Fundamentals of Canadian Regulatory Affairs.

Michele is co-Chair of the New Substances Notification subcommittee of the CEPA Industry Coordinating Group. She was a member on the US/Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council’s Technical Working Group and sat on the Biotech Industry Government Working Group for Organisms. Ms. Richardson has facilitated workshops with officials from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada and the US EPA.

Dan Bastien

Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services (HERS) Associate Director Chemicals Group
Intertek Health Sciences Inc.

Dan Bastien is the Associate Director of the chemical group of the Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services of Intertek Health Sciences Inc. Dan is a subject matter expert in Canada with specific experience in the Chemical Management Plan. Prior to joining Intertek, Dan managed the Substances Management Information Line and delivery of client services for the Chemical Management Plan of Environment and Climate Change Canada. His main responsibilities were to provide regulatory advice to industry stakeholders on the obligations to submit notifications of new chemicals, polymers and product of biotechnology substances in Canada. Dan was also responsible in the development and delivery of training materials, webinars and written material such as pamphlets, flyers and posters. He also designed and then managed the substances website.

Dan is well known for his ability to effectively communicate the impacts of the regulatory environment on the chemical industry. He has formed strong relationships with other Government stakeholders in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He is frequently invited to present his advice and experience to a wide range of SME, large multi-national audiences and international authorities. His regulatory experience and his strong knowledge of the North American Chemical Industry, makes Dan uniquely qualified to provide practical service to help industry stakeholders understand and meet their regulatory requirements.